Death looms around every corner of the United States of America. An episode of fuckin' G.I Joe is playing out in the white house and some kind of mind control ray has caused people to not have any goddamn sense about video games.

There is a cry, who will save us from mindless content meant to encourage brainless consumerism ? Who will WRITE SHIT DOWN on a website he hasn't updated in years and advocate for maybe treating games like art instead of instruments in the Green Harvest of children's parents hardly earned money?

Me. I'm Jay or VGdropout or whatever I call myself online and I actually play games.


Not in a gate-keeper:  "you gotta do it my way" kind of way. More like "I don't do it for a living and this site is a vanity project allowing my love of games to not be motivated by ad-revenue, fame or hopes of a free copy of something" way.

I will make a long story short and say that I have grown a lot since I last posted. A lot was going on and my life WAS about wanting to make games, simply put: Didn't Work, oh well. Story for another time but the point is this is a list of games I enjoyed as a fan of games as an art form and that's as genuine a description as you are getting from here on out. 

That was mostly to point out: I love games and am not part of the machine of hacks who want to sell you some Raid Shadow Legends bullshit. Not yet anyway. I am here to tell you about a bunch of games I spent last year playing. Games that affected me or were just super fucking fun. I am also here to practice my writing, so in theory that's the catch: You have to read an article and suffer my personality to get a truly curated, honest, non-clickbait, NON-COMMERCIAL list of great games from the Year of our Lord Toby Fox 2020. I think it's fair but who am I to judge-


1) The Game has to be good enough for me to merit an 8/10 score or higher.

2) Unless the game is really interesting and I want to show it to you anyway.

3)I must complete the game and give it time to sit before I write about it.

4) Unless I don't and want to talk about it anyway,

5) I can add and remove rules as I see fit.

With these parameters and a pinky swear to release an article length recommendation once a month I leave you with


(An ongoing list of recommendations)






No Straight Roads
A boss rush action platformer elevated by it's love of music.
Paradise Killer (Rough Draft)
Reading is gameplay in this Open-World / Visual-Novel fueled by Exploration and Supernatural-Murder-Mystery.

-Review out 2/28-
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